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Garden Aquarium Featured in the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Spring 2020 Edition

This month, we are delighted to have our very own 6 page feature and product review in the Spring edition of Practical Fishkeeping 2020 - the UK's best-selling aquatics magazine!

“Torn between a tank and a pond? Gabor Hovarth installs something that’s a little bit of both, and brings some UK wildlife to his home.”

Practical Fishkeeping Magazine 2020

After having the pleasure of meeting one of PFK’s (Practical Fishkeeping) journalists, Gabor Hovarth at the AQUA Telford Show last October, we were delighted to hear of his interest in our Aquarium for solving one of his long-term aspirations of having a cold water pond. Gabor explained that due to the sloping and rocky nature of his garden, being able to dig down far enough to have a traditional pond has always been a challenge. Gabor suggested that he would like to write a review and article on how to set up a biotope using one of our Garden Aquariums – how could we refuse!

In the Spring edition of the Practical Fishkeeping Magazine 2020, Gabor gives a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Stickleback biotype pond using the Lily Clear View Garden Aquarium, and the article does not disappoint!

“…..I came across the ideal solution to my problem, a garden aquarium…..a freestanding pond which can be placed almost anywhere, eliminating the need for any digging.”

Gabor set out to complete his project by creating a decked space in his old rockery to hold the Garden Aquarium and we were pleased to hear that the whole family got involved in its construction.

“The pond arrived flat-packed in three easy to handle boxes. My children were very excited about the project and insisted on helping me with its assembly. As the parts were well numbered and the instructions clear, it was literally child’s play to put together.”

What is most interesting to us about this article is its exploration of the number of varying and appealing cold water fish and how to replicate the biotope of a native fish, the ‘three-spined stickleback’ using one of our aquariums. A huge thank you to Gabor and Practical Fishkeeping for your wonderful review and feature. We are delighted to have been given your highest recommendation and feature in the Spring 2020 Edition of the Magazine!

“The Lily Clear View Garden Aquarium has proved to be a great acquisition…..I can highly recommend this type of pond if you can find the space in your garden…these Garden Aquariums can add a great focal point to the garden, whilst also giving you further insight into the underwater life”

To read the full article along with other fishkeeping top tips and product reviews, visit where you can download the Spring 2020 edition.

We love to see the different ways that our customers set up and use their Garden Aquariums, if you have set one up at your home/garden recently or plan to this Spring/Summer, please send a video or photo to our email address below:

We look forward to seeing all your lovely aquariums!


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