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Here at Garden Aquarium, we are passionate about ponds.  From our beginnings as a family run business we are now an international market leader and are proud to showcase our unique range of ponds, designed and manufactured here at Garden Aquarium. 

Showcasing at the AQUA Show in Europe, and exhibited at the Royal Horticultural Society Shows, where we have had great success selling our Aquariums as a premium lifestyle product and at the London Pet Show as a high-end pet product.  We have also featured in a 6-page article in Practical Fishkeeping and the Home and Garden section of the Times newspaper.

Garden Aquarium’s are designed with the customer (and fish!) in mind, bringing you an unrivalled view into your aquarium enabling you to have a unique perspective into the underwater world you don’t normally see.  Being the first to bring our idea to market we hold the intellectual property for our range in all major markets showcasing our range in Europe through

As you can see we love evolving to meet our customer needs, and have developed several Garden Aquarium aquatic accessories such as the customise pond guard, aquatic planters, the waterfall blade and our range of aquarium décor – the Shipwreck Galleon, Buddha, Tall Rock and Rock Mountain.

Green Clear View Garden Aquarium raised garden pond with fish swimming in window
Gray Iris Clear View Garden Aquarium with large window and fish swimming
Brown Clear View Garden Aquarium raised garden pond
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