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Grey Lotus Garden Aquarium Customer Photo - Window view with Fish, decor and airstone_edit

Planning your Clear View Garden Aquarium

Planning your pond is a fun and rewarding process, we are always amazed by our customer's unique approach to setting up their ponds and adding the WOW factor to their indoor/outdoor living spaces.  How far you go is entirely up to you, you can simply add water and watch nature take over, attracting birds, pond skimmers, dragon flies and many more creatures, or you can add some of the many accessories we have to offer which are customised for the Garden Aquarium range.  

The Garden Aquarium range provides a unique solution to adding a low maintenance, safe pond or water feature to your outdoor living space whether it is on a patio, decking, shrubbery, lawn, roof terrace and so on , the possibilities are endless. Check out our Customer Gallery to  view some of the many ways that our Customers have incorporated and used the Garden Aquariums. From traditional pond keeping to housing turtles and even sting rays.  The Aquariums have also been used to create a biotope for native sticklebacks and as an Aquaponics project for growing fresh fruit and vegetables.

Green Lily Garden Aquarium Raised Pond Hexagon Fish in Sun Two Windows and fountain with S

Positioning your pond

The Garden Aquarium is best positioned where it gets a little shade throughout the day.  The aquarium liner sits directly on the ground, and so it is important to ensure the surface is flat and free from sharp objects.  The Aquariums are suitable for many surfaces, including Patios, shrubberies, balcony, decking, chipping and grass.  We do however,  recommend not having grass grow to the edge of the aquarium as cutting the grass can cause damage to the aquarium itself.  

Sand and stone base

Putting decorative stone or sand at the base of your aquarium is a great way to create your natural environment.  It not only helps disguise any fish waste, the fish enjoy rummaging around in it and its great to hold down oxygenating plants and conceal any wires from your electrical equipment.  There are many different varieties of sand available from aquatic and pet stores.  You may also wish to incorporate some stone/pebbles to the base to add layers and texture.  These can also be purchased from many aquatic stores or from a builders merchant (such as plumb slate), just ensure its washed clear of any dust before using it.

Brown Lotus Garden Aquarium Customer Photo - Full view with fish plants and filter
Lotus Garden Aquarium Grey - customer pic with waterfall USA
Iris Garden Aquarium - Buddha, Rocks Pump waterfall and air strip

Running water...

Bring your aquarium to life with the relaxing sound of flowing water, see your aquarium at night with lights and add oxygen to the water and enhance the look for the aquarium with a stream of bubbles.  

Fountain and UV filtration

Grey Lotus Garden Aquarium Customer Photo - Night view with fountain

Adding a filter and waterfall or fountain to your aquarium creates a relaxing sound of flowing water and is great for fish health.  We recommend getting a pump with UV filtration to keep the water crystal clear.

All in one Fountain & UV Filtration

Oase Filtral 3000 UV pump for Garden Aquarium Raised Garden Pond outside photo
Green Lily Garden Aquarium Raised Fish Pond Hexagon Looking into pond with Garden Chairs.j

Suitable for: Iris, Lily and Lotus Garden Aquariums

The Oase Filtral UVC 1600 is a great pump/filter that combines the fountain, pump and UV filter in an all in one unit with 5 fountain attachments included.  Place this in the middle of the aquarium and simply run one cable back to the supply.  Connecting the pump to our custom waterfall blade is a great feature in the aquarium. 


Oase Filtral UVC 1600

Oase Filtral Fountain head assembly

Optional Extra waterfall blade includes the pipe connection

Waterfall & External UV filters

An external filter and small but powerful internal pump can reduce the visibility of the equipment inside the aquarium.  The external filter unit has a handle you pump to clean the filter, a great way to clean the aquarium without disturbing pond.  The small pump, slightly larger than your fist, can be placed in the corner out of visible sight, this pumps water out of the aquarium into the external filter and back to the waterfall blade.  We recommend the Oase BioPress 1600 external filter, and the Oase Fountain Pump 525, this unit circulates the water 520 gallons per hour.


Oase Biopress 1600

Oase Fountain Pump 525

5m 3/4 inch black pond pipe

Waterfall blade

USA pump with biopress and waterfall pack

Suitable for: Iris, Lily, Lotus & Double Decker Lily Garden Aquariums

Brown Lotus Garden Aquarium Customer Photo - Night view with LED lights and pirate

Suitable for: All the range


What makes our aquariums unique is the large viewing window.  A great way to enhance this view into your underwater world is to add some LED lighting, a perfect way to enjoy your aquarium day and night.  You can add a range of  lighting options from solar powered to mains supplied.  A great addition are multi colour remote control lights, you can switch between many colour variations and switch them on and off from the comfort of your home.  A set with three weighted lights is ideal for our range, they will sit at the bottom and you can direct them to light up what you want.


A great way to improve your aquarium and fish health is to ensure the water is well oxygenated, this also enhances the filtration efficiency keeping your aquarium cleaner. 

We have customised a range of products to provide many fantastic ways to do this.  We have large air stones, the 20 inch air stone which creates a fantastic wall of bubbles.  The circle air stone creates a fantastic tube of bubbles for the fish to swim around and enjoy.  As well as the air stone block, perfect for creating bubbles from in and around your aquarium decoration (such as the shipwreck galleon).  

Garden Aquarium Sunken Pirate ship and air stone


With our aquariums being much larger than the average aquarium, its very difficult to design your underwater space with the right sized equipment. That is why our designers have been busy customising some super sized aquarium decoration. We have a range to suit the style you require.  The traditional sunken pirate ship galleon, measuring 40 inches in length, coming in two parts, with a secret  treasure chest and a crest recognising our country, the historic land of Wales in the United Kingdom!  We have the large ancient Buddha head which looks fantastic coupled with our Rock Mountain and the Tall Rocks.  Everything you need to enhance the look of your Garden Aquarium.

1m long Aquarium sunken shipwreck
Garden Aquarium Buddha Decoration for fish tank
Garden Aquarium Sunken Pirate ship and air stone
Garden Aquarium tall rock Decoration for fish tank
Rock Mountain Garden Aquarium - Front View with trees


Lily Pads in pond Nymphaea Aurora
Pond Plants EL mini-Iris pseudacorus 'Alba'
Pond Plants yellow
Pond Plants mini-Aponogeton distachyos

Plants help create a natural environment for your fish in the aquarium.  Improving water quality and providing a fantastic natural finish to the aquarium.  We recommend adding 4 to 6 marginal above water plants, these range from tall plants that flower to smaller plants that grow out through the water and two deep water plants.  We have a custom made plant pot holder with an aluminium arm to hold it in the perfect place at water level.  These range from tall plants that flower to smaller plants that grow out through the water.

With the large windows in our  aquariums you can also enjoy your under water plants, which you would not normally see.  Two that are a must would be the miniature lilies and oxygenating plants.  The deep water plant provides a great environment for the fish to swim and explore, the miniature lilies can be placed to the side of the aquarium and will send stalks to the surface of the aquarium covering the water surface with lily pads.  Not only will they create wonderful flowers but they also provide great natural shade for your fish. 

And finally, what we would suggest is a must for your aquarium are some oxygenating plants.  You can fix the stalks to the stone/sand at the base of your aquarium to give the effect of them growing out of the ground.  Bunched oxygenators  provide excellent protection for you fish, and if they are looking to spawn, provide a great environment for baby fish to hide and flourish.  This is a video of our oxygenating plants creating natural bubbles, its great seeing nature at work.

Pond Plants mini-Ceratophyllum demersum


Unique to Garden Aquarium are our custom made black powder coated and galvanised covers.  Not only are they functional but they look fantastic too.  The covers offer great protection for children and animals.

View into Garden Aquarium pond from the top
Garden Aquarium Lily Fish Pond Guard Cover Galvinised and Black Powder Coated Full View wi
Garden Aquarium Lily Fish Pond Guard Cover Galvinised and Black Powder Coated Gap in middl
Pond Plants Iris Garden Aquarium - Arial view of the Pond Guard and Waterfall
Garden Aquarium Lotus Fish Pond Guard Cover Galvinised and Black Powder Coated zoomed in c
Maintenance Pack with Paint for garden aquarium

Starter and Maintenance

If when first starting your aquarium, you intend on  using tap water, you should leave the water settle for at least 24 hours, ideally with the pump running.  This will ensure all the chlorine evaporates from the water. To give your pond the best chance of being a healthy environment for your fish, you should consider adding healthy bacteria to the aquarium. You can do this by adding a solution called Oase BioKick Fresh.  It is a special solution that kick starts the process of creating healthy bacteria in your aquarium

Maintaining your aquarium can be fun and rewarding.  We recommend cleaning the filter once every 2 to 3 weeks and at the same time you can keep your widows clean by running the extra large magnetic window cleaner over them.  This is great as it cleans inside and out without getting your hands wet.  You do not need to clean the filter in the winter as often, as the fish go into hibernation and don't eat much.  

The start of the season its a good time to give your aquarium a spring clean.  This is a great time to change the UV bulb in the filter, we recommend changing this once a year to ensure its at its maximum efficiency and keep your water clear.  In general, the finish of the aquarium does not change but the top frame may need a touch up every 12-18 months as it is the area most exposed to  the sun, wind and rain, our colour matching paint is great for this.  


The centrepiece of any Garden Aquarium are the fish. Our advice on the number of fish is that you don't need many to enjoy  your aquarium.  The fish LOVE looking out of our large windows and you will always see them gliding past, an experience you would not normally have with a traditional pond.  You will find the fish congregate at the window leaving the rest of the aquarium free, and in our experience if you create a nice environment for the fish you will have additions in the coming years.  A range of sizes and colours are always good for variety.

Lotus Garden Aquarium - Green Front Window with plants, fish,pirate ship and airstone  - C

For any further questions you have, please visit our Questions and Answers section.

Grey Lotus Garden Aquarium Customer Photo - Window view with Fish, decor and airstone_edit
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